"The L stands for Lighting."

Jordan "LJ" Curiel is a dance and theater lighting designer based in Southern California. She recently earned her MFA in Theater Design and Production from Cal State Fullerton, and is now working as a freelance designer and technician.

LJ is currently designing at multiple venues in the SoCal area, including the locally favored Chance Theater, and serving as master electrician for Fullerton College's Theatre Arts department. She is always looking out for design connections near and far.

Her background includes a Bachelor's degree in Dance with minors in Theater Design and Multimedia Communications from UC Santa Barbara, and an early history of professional dance training. Her work began with lighting, choreographing, and stage managing the completely student-produced musicals of Shrunken Heads Production Company, and has led her to opportunities such as the honor of assistant designing for the LA Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Since completing the Master’s program at Cal State Fullerton, she has had the pleasure of working with dance and theater companies throughout Southern California. Remaining grateful for the opportunities to mentor undergraduate students during her time at CSUF and work so closely with their incredibly gifted dance department, she looks forward to branching out and entering the larger live-entertainment community in the Los Angeles area and far beyond.

While enjoying the chance to learn about the multi-faceted world of lighting design through theater, musicals, and opera, she will always be eager to let her history as a dancer serve her in everything she does—imbedding her knowledge of movement, rhythm, and imaginative world-building into her work and allowing light to breathe life into the art on stage.